Omnia are proud to partner with ThinTanks, providing innovative, space-saving water tanks for sustainable rainwater harvesting across Cheshire and Greater Manchester.

Designed for easy installation & space-saving, ThinTanks™ Slimline Rainwater Tanks are the thinnest available water tank for any capacity. On the forefront of ground-breaking technology, the Australian-designed, German-manufactured, ThinTanks™ range of rainwater storage tanks has been developed for space-saving water conservation across residential and commercial applications.

ThinTanks™ are ideal for garden buildings, such as offices, summer houses and gyms. The collected water can be used to irrigate your garden, whilst you help preserve a valuable natural resource, save money on water bills and also be more self-sufficient!

Whether you choose the mid-sized 1000-litre model or the generous 2000-litre model, each product provides an efficient and aesthetically pleasing rainwater storage solution.

Our freestanding or wallmounted product line offers a sustainable solution for water management and helps you combine environmental awareness with modern living comfort.


Easy installation

Modern solution

Fence appearance

ThinTanks Founders’ story

ThinTanks is about Innovation, Research & Development.

The thought of having to install a circular rainwater tank in the backyard of a modern home led to the conclusion there was a need for a more environmentally appealing solution.

The obvious answer was to make a rainwater tank that looked like a fence. Once the decision was made, it automatically followed that the tank was made as thin as possible. A modern and stylish tank is an excellent space-saving solution.

The final design decision was to somehow duplicate the appearance of a fence. The result was the 1000 Litre ThinTanks with fence columns between each tank using more than one water tank as a dividing fence.