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Cut Energy Costs & Reduce CO2

Max Energy 24/7 is the energy saving division within Omnia. We’re on a mission to help our customers reduce their energy bills and cut carbon emissions. Max Energy offers a range of simple energy saving solutions that could cut your energy expenditure every year for up to seven years by as much as 15%. And all for a one-off investment of just £199.

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Reduce Energy Bills By 15%

EndoTherm, available from Max Energy 24/7, is a unique multi-award-winning energy saving additive for wet central heating systems that has been independently proven to increase efficiency, resulting in a 15% reduction on annual household energy usage and CO2.


EndoTherm can be added to any wet central heating system by an approved Max Energy 24/7 installer.

It’s easy to install and there is no requirement for system downtime. Once installed it gets to work straight away and is proven to last for at least 7 years.

EndoTherm is manufactured in Britain from 100% organic materials. It has been independently proven to typically reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by 15%.


EndoTherm reduces the surface tension of the water in your central heating system improving heat transfer. As a result, your radiators and underfloor heating system can reach the desired temperature quicker and stay hotter for longer, all whilst using less energy.

As more heat has been expelled into the room, the return water temperature is lower which allows boilers to condensate more efficiently and recover more latent heat. This reduces the amount of energy required by the boiler to heat the water again for the next cycle.


Each bottle of EndoTherm is responsible for 0.58Kg of embodied carbon.

This means EndoTherm becomes carbon neutral in less than 1 day of use and is proven to last for at least 7 year

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